Who Art You? Special edition_Berlin 2016

04.03.2016 - 07.03.2016

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Following the success of the last exhibition in Zurich in March 2015 and London in March 2014, Who Art You? is preparing for a new journey, organising its Special Edition, as always, in a European capital. The place dedicated to promoting excellence in Italian art abroad, for this edition, will be Berlin, a centre of fundamental importance in contemporary and emerging art.

13 artists, carefully chosen from the previous editions of the contest which recognises young artistic talents, will head to the German capital between 4 – 7 March 2016 to exhibit their works at the We Gallery – in the district Kreuzberg – sneaking in the theme of Elusive amusement: rooms and places where joy exists yet imperceptible and intangible to represent those hidden rooms where one can, from time to time, seek refuge for peace and comfort. Sometimes these are places to face your demons and force yourself to defeat them. Other times, they are simply spaces to listen, seek inspiration and find yourself. Even just thinking often requires different, created, spaces. It is these non-spaces we want our artists to talk about. Those wandering spaces, the insides of the earth, those wombs into which we retreat to draw on their joy and pleasure. It is often painful to create these spaces, as they are ephemeral and full of disillusionment, created out of self-torment and ongoing compromises with pain. At other times it’s an easy and comfortable earthly paradise. They are, in short, those mental small, musty mental sanctuaries which everyone carries with them to be able to escape reality. This is the parallel life that the artists will illustrate, a fable in which they struggle and joyfully conquer their inner demons, or simply enjoy a longsought after peace.

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