Nanda Vigo & ZERO Friends

18.03.2015 - 31.03.2015



Nanda Vigo’s artistic adventure through 45 masterworks by 25. ZERO members. Nanda Vigo initially works closely with Giò Ponti and Lucio Fontana, mentors who teach her the art of space and light in a conceptual and emotional style that will inspire her to define her own artistic philosophy. She also frequents the mythical “Brera” quarter, which was then the setting for all the events and discussions held by the most anti-establishment and radical artists of the time. It is here that Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, Gianni Colombo, Enrico Castellani and Vincenzo Agnetti meet, along with so many others who constitute at the time a select group of people determined to promote their new vision of the world. This is where, in 1959, Nanda Vigo meets Piero Manzoni. A relationship between passion and competion is born which will last until the latter’s death in 1963. These are years rich in exchanges, and define a particular moment in history between Milan (around the Azimuth group established by Castellani, Agnetti and Manzoni), Düsseldorf’s Zero group and the New Realists in Paris. Firm beliefs and natural affinity lead Nanda Vigo to ally herself to the Zero group, whose basic “Cosmic Power” principle she adopts, preferring as she does to explore rather than to analyse, to be inspired by philosophical theories rather than by aesthetic doctrines she has never followed. She has exhibited throughout the world with the Zero group.

Artists: Armando, Bernard Aubertin, Agostino Bonalumi, Enrico Castellani, Dadamaino, Lucio Fontana, Yves Klein, Adolf Luther, Heinz Mack, Piero Manzoni, Christian Megert, Otto Piene, Hank Peeters, George Rickey, Jan Schoonhoven, Turi Simeti, Paul Talman, Guenther Uecker, Jef Verheyen, Nanda Vigo