GUTAI – Scream of matter, 2015


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Scream of matter

Italian / English
pages: 100

‘What is life made of?’ – question which we are constantly repeating, in believe in the truthfulness of our answer. Question around which imaginary artist from Japan, Yoshihara Jirō, founded in 1954 Gutai Art Association.
For members of Gutai group life was a force to show the spirit. Spirit that represents the ‘innocence’ of artistic research ‘without purpose’. Find and free unique inner spirit from the material. Depart from naturalistic and illusionistic art and create a new autonomous space, a space that truly deserves the name of art. Create the poetry of art and life. ‘Do what no one has done before’- announced in Gutai Manifesto. Similar to fall in love: showing fresh emotions beyond borders, without calculation, unpredictable but full of the power. As an drops of crying, drops of paint can be more beautiful than what they present as an line between art and life can be fluid, indistinct and possible.

Catalogue curated by:
Jagoda Lagiewska
Davide Di Maggio

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Fayçal Zaouali

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