26.05.2006 - 04.07.2006

Franziska Klotz


 The Davide Di Maggio Gallery presents the first individual exhibition in Berlin of Franziska Klotz. The young artist from Dresden, who lives in Berlin, has realized a series of works especially for this occasion, where she alternates oil, acrylic and spray on canvas.

 Klotz has a predilection for persons captures in their everyday routines, rendering them on canvas with a painting made of gestures, intentionally unfinished strokes that let you glimpse the drawing below, but also real and virtual spaces that serve as the enviroment and scenario of her figures.

 The artist´s way to use colors, pure and laid in large fields, and above all her treatment of, for instance, acrylics, render her painting very distant from the rarefield atmosphere of the optical precision of Edward Hopper or a certain photorealism, making it appear more closely related to certain results of British Bad Painting, from Martin Maloney to Nicky Hoberman even if, unlike the latter, Franziska Klotz always retains control of the formal components of the image, such as perspective, rendition of depth, luminosity and proportion.

 The short circuit triggered by her painting is attributable precisely to the quality of the laying of the paint ; at first sight it may appear hasty, but it is immediately and visibly contradicted by the formal rigor of the rendition of the images on the canvas, that eliminate every superfluous and accidental detail. 

The result is a free and airy painting, that one might sometimes be tempted to define “infantile” but that actually conceals a profound technical skill.

 The catalogue Klotz published by the Davide Di Maggio Gallery, will be presented on the occasion of the exhibition.