DANIEL SPOERRI – Nil mors est ad nos: Der Tod betrifft uns nicht

29.04.2017 - 10.06.2017


Opening: Friday, April 28th 2017, 6 -9 pm 

29th April – 10th June 2017

During the Gallery Weekend Berlin 2017, WeGallery is happy to announce the second personal exhibition in the gallery by Daniel Spoerri (RO, 1930). Opening artist of Davide Di Maggio’s first gallery in Milan, where he mounted his project Chambre n° 13 de l’hotel Carcassonne, Paris 1959-1965 (1999), Spoerri will ideally conclude WeGallery’s Berlin experience – with a view to new aesthetic adventures.

Nil mors est ad nos: Der Tod betrifft uns nicht consists of ten assemblages specifically produced by Spoerri for the show, and which follow from the previous cycle of 21 works making up the Il Bistrot di Santa Marta (The Bistro of Saint Martha) project, presented in 2014 at Fondazione Mudima in Milan. “Peggiorati in meglio” (worsened for the best) – as the artist himself describes them – the assemblages start from an (im)possible dialogue between himself and the Roman philosopher Titus Lucretius Carus as elaborated in the book with the same title by Silvia Abbruzzese, published by Mudima.

Explicitly referring to his tableaux-pièges of the 1970’s, in Il Bistrot di Santa Marta Spoerri proposes archival boards on which kitchen utensils from Vienna’s flea market are meticulously collected and scrupulously applied. An accurate investigation on the objet trouvé and on the methodology of Chance in the practice of assemblage, are at the basis of the creation of the ten tableaux. And it is precisely in such intervention of randomness that his being a great (contemporary) artist emerges; an “imagination of Chance” that transliterates daily life utensils like knives and ladles, corkscrews and graters, meat mincers and rolling pins from the three-dimensional dimension of the horizontal surface (the kitchen table) to the two-dimensional one of the vertical surface (an oeuvre hanging on the wall). Heir to Marcel Duchamp and among the founders of the Nouveau Réalisme, Spoerri’s objects, found on the market stalls, dissolve their ordinariness in the artistic act: used and abandoned, then bought and re-sold in order to acquire, finally, the aura of the work of art. It is the story of life and of matter, of our Cosmos, that Daniel Spoerri’s works confront us with; works in which matter itself, formed of atoms, is incessantly and – according to the vision of Lucretius shared by the artist – casually created, undone and regenerated. It is a continuous flow of energy that passes from objects to persons and vice-versa, within this flow each of the things surrounding us encloses within itself several lives and as many uses. The works of the Il Bistrot di Santa Marta cycle capture daily life classifying it on the basis of typologies, forms and functions according to a phenomenological research which sees the world of the kitchen and culinary art as foundational elements of the life-death-life cycle of human beings. It is a photograph of our times, memory of lived stories and experienced situations, that Spoerri reveals, in which collecting goes beyond the archaeo-anthropological reconstruction of a society to a much deeper reflection on the randomness of our being on this earth.

The ten “peggiorati in meglio” (worsened for the best) assemblages will be included in an informational poster enclosed in Silvia Abbruzzese’s book “Nil mors est ad nos”: “La morte non è niente per noi”. Dialogo (im)possibile tra Daniel Spoerri e Tito Lucrezio Caro (Mudima, Milan 2014).

As well as conceiving and producing Daniel Spoerri’s personal show Chambre n° 13 de l’hotel Carcassonne, Paris 1959-1965 (1999) in his gallery, Davide Di Maggio has participated in the organization of the artist’s last two exhibitions in Milan: “Il Bistrot di Santa Marta” (2014) and more recently “Was Bleibt” (2016), both held at Fondazione Mudima.