Attraversare Nuovi Percorsi

01.05.2015 - 15.06.2015

Attraversare Nuovi Percorsi

Emanuele Becheri, Loris Cecchini, Andrea Santarlasci, Andrea Salvino and Federico Pietrella.

The exhibition suggests a particular interpretation of the spaces of the gallery, which are treated from an artistic point of view, creating an opportunity to analyze the different positions of contemporary artists who work in and with space in various way, and with different intentions and intents.
Availing themselves of widely different methods and references, the artists interpret space in social, anthropological and political contexts.

The space of the gallery is inhabited by a hybridizing of materials and genres which go beyond the painting, drawings, installations and the photography.
Warm and cold, natural and technological materials contribute to form the perimeter of an installation which may be crossed in terms of real experience.

The result is a multifaceted interpretation of how art may occupy space,conquer territory, with very different attentions and focuses, based on the premise that there is no difference between the outside, the context, and the inside.
The works included in the exhibition are variations on the theme represented by the artistic disciplines. There are works that centre on a reinterpretation of drawing, painting, photography and installations, where the immediate presence of the materials defines the visual argumentation.
This rich heterogeneity and linguistic polyphony of the works presented reflect the real state of the contemporary sensibility and multi-identity of the art.

The catalogue will be presented during the exhibition