25.10.2016 - 16.12.2016


Antonio Catelani


Rita Russo Artopia Gallery

via Lazzaro Papi 2

20135 Milan, Italy

In the recent works by Antonio Catelani the thought on painting categories is focused on duration, on attention, on the minimal gesture that shifts the idea of finiteness of the work and pushes it towards its transformation point. Everything is really unstable.

Sculpture and painting. Color and shape. The edge of the painting and the gesture which is impressed on it. The shape of sculpture that collapses and falls leaving traces of the movement produced by the nature of the material and by gravity force.

The sculptures presented in the exhibition are threadlike, malleable, broken shapes appearing like waste or roots that move looking for balance. The paintings are canvases where Prussian blue will not always be blue but, becoming oxidized, will change its nature. In every work by Catelani minimal references live together with organic and processual nature, and suggest a strong attitude to concentration on the matter and on its symbolic and formal relationships.

Everything is really variable, everything is changing, everything look fragile in its nature and it is from this fragility that spring out a movement, another shape, a gaze which can not stop at the recorded figure because it will become, with time, another work.

Text by Daria Filardo