ANDREA SANTARLASCI – Le direzioni inverse del tempo

08.04.2010 - 20.05.2010

Andrea Santarlasci

Le Direzioni Inverse del Tempo

Since the beginning of his career Andrea Santarlasci has elaborated a system in which various techniques coexist (from drawing to tridimensional works of sculpture and installations, photography and actions with sound and video installations) using also a great kind of materials (wood, gypsum, marble, metallic components, mirror, lights, glass) where the themes of the double, the shadow, the optical illusion, the vacuity and time are pointed out, processing with consistency a poetics that focuses on the relationships between natural and artificial, domestic realm and outside environment that always lead to a meditation on the condition of unsettlement of the contemporary man. In his way, the occurring images of the house and its architectural components, from domestic furniture, stairs, tables, furnishings, curtains are combined to the configuration of the natural horizon in unexpected solutions. In different occasions he made interventions in which video and sound installations, slide projections on different supports, such as architectural models, relate to the pre existing places or structural contexts – as in the case of the medicean cloister in Villa Vogel in Florence, where the columns, that delimiting the passage, overlapped the installation becoming part of it – A LITTLE OF FINITE INFINITY – and where the themes of nature, of commonness and of time are steadily declined into an articulated network of references and opennesses. In occasion of his solo show entitled “LE DIREZIONI INVERSE DEL TEMPO”, at Davide Di Maggio gallery in Milan, Andrea Santarlasci presents an installation specially thought for this site. The artist extends his investigation of all the themes developped inside his work, and particularly a meditation on the concept of time, open to an interpretation that goes beyond its normal linear process. The manifold digressions aim to explore possibilities like the fragment, the weaving, the inversion and the temporal parallels, as courses that intertwine randomly, seen by manifold perspectives, digressions that point out also the possibilities of the mind and its emotional perception, till to considerate the hypothesis of timeless universes.

Galleria Davide Di Maggio

Viale Monza 10

20126 Milan, Italy